April 02, 2024

How to Boost Your Apex Legends Rank as Bloodhound

Since the debut of Apex Legends in February 2019, Bloodhound has stood as a stalwart figure in the evolving gameplay, standing as a solid pick despite new legends, maps, and meta shifts. Throughout the game's journey, Bloodhound has remained a cornerstone in both casual and competitive scenes, offering a unique blend of tracking skills and tactical utility that few other legends can match.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve deep into the intricacies of mastering Bloodhound, covering their strengths, weaknesses, abilities, tactical strategies, synergies with other legends, and tips for dominating the battlefield.

After this guide, you will be able to boost your Apex Legends rank as Bloodhound in any match!


Bloodhound's Role and Expertise

Bloodhound is classified as a recon legend in Apex Legends, specializing in tracking and hunting down adversaries while providing invaluable information to their squadmates. With a keen eye for detail and an arsenal of tracking abilities, Bloodhound excels at gathering intelligence and turning the tide of battle in their team's favor, making him a powerhouse in Apex Legends Season 20.

Bloodhound’s Strenghts

  • Information Gathering: Bloodhound's primary strength lies in their ability to gather critical information about enemy movements, positions, and activities. Their tracking abilities offer real-time insights that can inform strategic decisions and boost your chances of survival before any engage.
  • Tactical Advantage: With the ability to scan enemies, traps, and clues, Bloodhound provides their team with a significant tactical advantage, allowing for precise planning and execution of strategies.
  • Mobility Boost: Bloodhound's ultimate ability, Beast of the Hunt, grants them increased movement speed, enabling swift repositioning and aggressive pushes during engagements.

Bloodhound's Weaknesses

  • Vulnerability During Scans: While Bloodhound's scanning abilities provide valuable information, they also expose the legend to potential threats, as scans can reveal their position to enemies, leaving them vulnerable to counterattacks.
  • Limited Movement Abilities: Bloodhound lacks mobility-boosting abilities outside of their ultimate, making them vulnerable to being outmaneuvered by more agile opponents.
  • Reliance on Ultimate for Enhanced Vision: Bloodhound's enhanced vision, particularly in black and white during their ultimate, is highly effective for spotting enemies. However, the reliance on their ultimate for this enhanced vision means that they must manage its cooldown effectively to maximize its utility.

Bloodhound's Abilities

Tactical - Eye of the Allfather: Bloodhound's tactical ability allows them to scan the environment in a 125° cone, revealing the locations of enemies, traps, and clues within a specified range. This ability provides crucial information for planning engagements and outmaneuvering opponents.

Apex Bloodhound

Tactical - Eye of the Allfather: Bloodhound's tactical ability allows them to scan the environment in a 125° cone, revealing the locations of enemies, traps, and clues within a specified range. This ability provides crucial information for planning engagements and outmaneuvering opponents.

Passive - Tracker: Bloodhound's passive ability enables them to track enemy movements by detecting clues left behind by foes. This includes footsteps, indicating recent enemy activity, and the occasional appearance of White Ravens, guiding Bloodhound to nearby enemies.

Ultimate - Beast of the Hunt: Bloodhound's ultimate ability, Beast of the Hunt, unleashes their primal instincts, enhancing their speed and senses for a limited duration. During this time, other Legends are highlighted in red, allowing Bloodhound to track them with ease while also gaining increased movement speed to engage or disengage from fights effectively.

Tactical Strategies with Bloodhound

Aggressive Engaging: Bloodhound's scanning abilities make them well-suited for aggressive playstyles. By utilizing the Eye of the Allfather to reveal enemy positions, Bloodhound can lead aggressive pushes, capitalize on advantageous opportunities, and secure eliminations with precision.

Defensive Reconnaissance: In defensive scenarios, Bloodhound's tracking abilities can be invaluable for gathering intelligence on enemy movements and planning defensive strategies. By strategically deploying scans and utilizing Tracker to monitor enemy activity, Bloodhound can effectively defend objectives and anticipate enemy movements.

Synergies with Other Legends

Aggressive Playstyles: Legends like Bangalore, Revenant, and Horizon complement Bloodhound's aggressive playstyle by providing additional tools for engaging enemies and capitalizing on advantageous positions.

Passive Playstyles: Legends such as Conduit, Wattson, and Caustic offer defensive capabilities that can boost Bloodhound's reconnaissance abilities. These legends can create defensive barriers, secure objectives, and provide support during engagements, allowing Bloodhound to focus on gathering information and leading strategic plays.

Mastering Bloodhound in Apex Legends requires understanding their abilities, tactical strategies, and synergies with other legends. By leveraging Bloodhound's tracking prowess, players can gain a significant advantage on the battlefield, outmaneuvering opponents and securing victories for their squad. Whether leading aggressive assaults or gathering intelligence for defensive maneuvers, Bloodhound stands as a formidable force in the Apex Games, embodying the spirit of the ultimate hunt.


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