New Riot Games Titles

Three years have passed since Riot revealed some of the games they've been developing during their 2019 10-year broadcast. Has the list of Riot and Riot Forge games that are coming out soon been updated to include more games?

We adore the Runeterra universe, and League of Legends has such a rich mythology and fascinating characters that we hope to see them in a variety of other games. Thankfully, Riot is developing additional titles, including the much-anticipated LoL MMORPG and a 2.5D side view Tekken-like combat game. 

After the huge success of The Ruined King, Riot and Riot Forge have invested heavily in spreading their creative wings across all platforms and expanding the Universe. But what else have they been cooking for us?


Convergence: A League of Legends Story

In this title, the player will guide Ekko all across the slums of Zaun. It makes perfect sense, given how closely related the two cities are, that this game will also include Piltover. Double Stallion Games is creating the game, and Riot Forge will handle publishing. The Steam page for the game does not indicate a release date yet.

We'd love to learn more about a quirky and entertaining character like Ekko in this new 2D side-scrolling platformer, and we're super curious about how his time control skills will affect the gameplay mechanic!


Song of Nunu: A League of Legends Story

A Riot Forge game, made in association with Tequila Works. This is a single-player narrative game full of exploration and adventure. Since Nunu and Willump are two of League of Legends' cutest champions, this is the game that I am personally most looking forward to playing, as it reminds me of a Duo Boosting experience. There's nothing like having an overpowered Yeti carry you to wherever you need to be, am I right?

Willump and Nunu Duo Boosting in the jungle - colorized, c. 2023

There's about a 99% chance this game will be amazing since it has an entire story set in the Freljord. Check out the Steam page as well, and don't forget to add it to your wishlist!


Project L - Riot's Tekken-like Fighting Game

By now, pretty much everyone has said everything there is to say about Project L, and the hype is through the roof.

Everyone wants to use their favorite champion to smack the absolute creep score out of their friends using a controller while comfortably sitting on the couch! There's even been some talk about online multiplayer competitive game play, so who knows, maybe you'll see Project L Elo Boosting in a couple of months.

Project L is the most anticipated Riot title in recent years.

There have been a few developments over the past few months, which would indicate that the game is getting closer and closer to being released. Hopefully, 2023 will see the release of this game.


Project F - Riot's ARPG

We also got a sneak peek at the new Project F adventure role-playing game during the 2019 live-stream. Although there hasn't been much information about this game since then, we do know it hasn't been shelved because Riot's R&D team has expanded and the Lead World Designer for Project F is still releasing information about new employees.

If you're an RPG fan, you can feel safe knowing that there will be a place for you in Runeterra eventually!



Hypixel Studios was recently purchased by Riot. According to them, Hytale is a:

"block game that blends the scope of a sandbox with the depth of a role playing game"

This game is currently being developed and will also be a Riot Game after the purchase of Hypixel.

As Hypixel announced that they are still developing their engine, this game will probably only be released in 2024.


Nintendo Demacia Game

So, this is merely hearsay and isn't official, but we might be getting a Riot Forge game set in the Demacia universe. During the Riot Forge and Nintendo showcase in November, a clip was displayed in which Demacia was unmistakably the focal point. We can see 8-bit visuals in this trailer,  not to mention the shackles in the city, which would also point to Sylas' connection.


Nintendo Shurima Game

We also caught a glimpse of what might possibly be a game set in Shurima at the same Nintendo x Riot Forge Event. In the beginning, we observed Runeterra's particular locations from which light beams emerged, each of which pointed to a different region. For example, Freljord for the Song of Nunu, Bilgewater for the Ruined King Game. Additionally, Shurima displays one light beam which left us wondering...

...Shurima, has your emperor arrived?


Riot Games MMO

I know, I know, I haven't talked about the MMO yet, but don't worry, I can't ignore the greatly anticipated League of Legends MMORPG, of course. Don't expect this title to release anytime this year or the next because, with a title of this magnitude, Riot's team has their hands full. Greg Street occasionally sends us updates and drops a hint here or there, and it appears like the game's production is progressing really well, so we should know it's moving along, but for now, that's all we have.



These days, it seems like every single game gets a mobile version. Now that Wild Rift has been released on mobile devices, it's time for VALORANT to follow suit. There have been a lot of rumors about a mobile version for some time, and now that Call of Duty Warzone is available on mobile devices, Riot may push for this as well, particularly in markets where mobile gaming is very popular, such as China and India. After Wild Rift blew up in the Asian market, it would be shortsighted not to take this course of action.

Are you excited for the new releases? Stay tuned for release dates and more League of Legends news!

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