According to the latest rumours, the League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational for 2023 is taking place in London.

Every summer, Riot gathers their spring season champions from select servers for a tournament. Previous editions were hosted by the USA, China, Brazil, Vietnam, Germany and even Iceland, but the UK will be hosting for the first time. Although this decision hasn’t been formally announced, several sources claim that it’s almost certain.

Since the UK hasn't hosted a major E-sports tournament since the Rocket League London Major earlier this year, London would be more than the right location for the competition with the Wembley, the O2 Arena, or even the Copperbox in addition to one of the many incredible football stadiums there as available options for the event. The last time London saw a big event was in 2015 when the Wembley hosted Worlds 2015, which was broadcast by BBC.

The Wembley Stadium is a likely candidate for the League of Legends MSI 2023 finals to take place in, boosting the event's appeal.

Several British personalities, including casters, producers, and even content creators, were motivated to enter the E-sports industry as a result of this event, which had a significant impact on the sector.

The Pros behind the Gaming Industry are heavilly invested in this event.

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Riot just announced that they will be using a new format for MSI and Worlds, which means London will be the first major stage in a new era of E-sports!

2023 is going to be a great year for gaming and we can't wait to witness it!

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January 07, 2023