Mr. Beast is coming to League of Legends

A League of Legends squad will soon be owned by YouTube sensation Mr. Beast, who reached 100 million subscribers on the network last year and has a huge fortune and enterprise under his wing. When questioned about the speculation that he would be interested in buying a spot in the League Championship Series, or LCS as it is more generally known, Mr. Beast said that he will 100% for sure acquire a club in the future.

Mr. Beast recently surpassed PewDiePie in subscribers.

Jimmy Donaldson, a.k.a. Mr. Beast, who recently surpassed PewDiePie's subscriber count, establishing himself as the biggest non-corporate content creator on the platform, is a devoted League of Legends player who has shared the screen with some of League's most recognizable personalities, both from the competitive scene and the social media platforms, in a number of YouTube and Twitch competitions, videos, and streams.

No additional information was made public despite his indicated interest in buying his own squad in 2020, and up until today, he had not made an official presence at a League of Legends tournament hosted by Riot, but despite this fact, the biggest night of the year for League of Legends as an esport, the World Championship Final, startled fans when it was revealed that Mr. Beast would be a guest analyst.

Before being asked if the rumors of him buying a team in North America's LCS were true by fellow announcer Isaac "Azael" Cummings-Bentley, he commented that he loves the game and made his predictions for the upcoming series. Many fans had previously theorized that he would use some of his enormous fortune to put together a team that would compete within the League of Legends competitive scene. Mr. Beast swiftly replied, saying that while "the question is more when," he will "100%" be buying a squad.

Mr. Beast's popularity could bring League to a whole new level.

Mr. Beast continued, "If we do it, I want to have a team that makes it to a stage like this," gesturing to the packed stadium anticipating the start of the 2022 World Final, in which T1 failed to grab the unprecedented fourth championship against the ultimate underdogs, DRX. Mr. Beast appears keen to change the fact that no LCS team has ever claimed an international competition by taking his time to put up a squad that can contend for the Summoner's Cup, and here at GG Boost, we would definitely recommend that some of our Challenger players who do League of Legends boost services try out for the team. Who knows, maybe they would achieve the highest honor a League of Legends team can get and become World Champions. Could this be the promise the NA region has been waiting for?

Since 2017, the LCS has seen a decline in viewership, and Riot is aware of this. Raw watch time hours, rather than peak viewership, are a significantly better predictor of a tournament organizer's viability. Since 2017, the total number of viewing hours for the LCS product has decreased by 41.1%, from 61.39M to only 36.16M. Contrast this with the LEC, their sibling league in Europe, which saw a 33.6% growth in viewership from 50 million to 66.9 million watch hours, and it's easy to see that the LCS needs a boost in popularity.

A Mr. Beast-run squad would be a great asset to the LCS, and it would probably attract a huge number of new players. We will have to wait and see if this results in improved performances on the global stage, as all three North American teams exited the 2022 World Championship, which was held in four North American cities, with a combined score of 3-15.

The YouTube celebrity has gathered a huge following through his sheer dedication and personality, and we're sure everyone would be thrilled to see that same zest be brought to the LoL competitive arenas. We'll keep you updated on Mr. Beast's business in the League!

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February 12, 2023