Yuumi got nerfed into oblivion!

Is Yuumi really losing her top spot in League's support scene? It certainly seems like it with all the recent changes to her kit. Let's take a look at what's changed and whether or not she's still worth playing.

The nerfs to League of Legends' most hated magical cat are so severe that the players are actually wondering if the developers went too far.

Yuumi, the magical cat of League of Legends, has recently been on the receiving end of some major nerfs in gameplay. These adjustments have been so severe that players of the iconic title are asking whether or not Yuumi has been stripped of too much power. Yuumi has quickly become one of the most infamous characters on the game, largely due to her frustrating style of play and her wide popularity in high-level play and LoL Elo Boosting. This is why players are questioning whether these nerfs have gone a bit too far - Yuumi was always an interesting character to use but she may eventually lose what made her so appealing in the first place due to these changes.

Patch 13.1B brought about some devastating nerfs to the Yuumi, which are detailed below.

Patch 13.1B came out with some major changes that heavily impacted the beloved champ Yuumi. In particular, her passive was changed by decreasing its shield effect. Additionally, her W was nerfed since the scaling has been reduced significantly, to less than half it's previous percentage. Finally, the movement speed of Yuumi's E has been decreased to the base 20% and no longer scales from her ability power, making it much harder to use effectively in battle. Because of this, many players are wondering if she'll disappear entirely from Solo Queue, where her 46.2% win rate makes her a less than decent champion and how much she'll be able to resist in professional gameplay.

On the other hand, professional players can take a breath of relief knowing that the overpowered cat won't be as oppressing in lane.

For pro players, the overpowered cat has been a source of immense frustration. In lane, even experienced professionals such as Elo Boosters were routinely outplayed by the relentless feline. This enabled less proficient players to remain competitive with their more skilled rivals. Fortunately for the massive player base, that era appears to be ending - for now at least - as there are signs that this problematic creature won't be as oppressive in lane going forward. Knowing this, pros can finally breathe a sigh of relief as they continue their journey towards victory in-game.

What do you think about the nerfs to Yuumi? Were they too harsh, or were they necessary in order to balance the game?

The changes to Yuumi as a League of Legends champion have been controversial amongst the community. While some feel that the nerfs she received were necessary in order to balance out the game, others argue they were excessive and have cast her too much in an unfavorable light. From our point of view, while it was important that there be changes to level out her powers and make her more balanced relative to other champions, some of them have been too severe. On the other hand, however, by placing such restrictions on her abilities we can hopefully restore the competitive balance that makes League of Legends so exciting to watch and play.

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January 24, 2023