Thebausffs and Tyler1 are still at war!

Over the last 15 days or so, Tyler "Tyler1" Steinkamp has been attempting to move up to Challenger tier while in Europe West, but he is still in Master tier, barely enough to try out for a spot as an elo boost professional in GG Boost. The number of trolls and inters in his games makes it look like he'll be trapped in a tough spot till his time in Europe is through.

The pro player is known for having reached Challenger in multiple roles and against all odds. So far, we haven't even seen him use an elo boost or duo queue with anyone at any step of the climb, which solidifies his bragging rights. After a long contract with SKT T1 and even getting to meet SKT Faker in person, Tyler1 is without a doubt a relevant face in the League of Legends scene.

In a recent Twitch broadcast, Tyler1 lost it and blamed Simon "Thebausffs" Hofverberg and other content creators for making the EUW server a toxic place. He said that his playstyle is why players who troll games don't get banned on EUW.

Tyler1 has been attempting to achieve Challenger with all of his might, but it appears that the EUW solo queue atmosphere is gradually beginning to damage the player as he went off topic criticizing the server's culture and how individuals replicate playstyles they see on streams and videos, which is detrimental to the overall environment of the game.

Tyler1 said that other players' achievements are not comparable to his since they are "nobodies" and, as a result, do not receive as many people trolling in their matches as he does. This might not be accurate, as we know from our experience in LoL elo boosting that there are trolls in almost every match. This was in response to the statement that other players had reached Challenger in a day.

He continued by saying that Thebausffs' particular playstyle has damaged EUW's solo queue since players who purposefully feed do not get kicked off the server.

He is the reason intentional feeders don't get banned on EUW. That unqiue, cringe playstyle... all the others are f***ing nobodies, they're not going to get griefed, they're not going to get trolled. [...] [Thebausffs] is the reason that the f***ing person that I played against didn't get banned, because Riot EUW doesn't ban intentional feeders. 

Some Reddit users sided with Tyler1, however, not for the reasons you would expect. A lot of his fans would want to copy him when playing low-elo matches and try the same strategies without having the same level of game knowledge and awareness, despite the fact that most think that Thebausffs' style of play works for him because he is good at comprehending the game and abusing particular champions.

Others simply find the outburst funny and believe that Tyler1's mental health is being steadily deteriorated by EUW. Tyler1 attempted to elo boost himself to Challenger on the Korean server in 2021 but was unsuccessful in doing so. Many people think he won't succeed on EUW either.

Naturally, Baus also saw the video, and in typical Baus fashion, he just laughed it off and told his chat that it was a playstyle. Additionally, he advised against ever meeting someone you admire in a light-hearted way. Truthfully, Tyler1 got the perfect response from him.

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April 06, 2023