The infamous surrender vote is getting a rework!


Are you ever stuck in a seemingly unwinnable game of League of Legends? Since the dawn of Summoner’s Rift, us gamers have faced countless grueling situations where our teams were trapped under enemy towers with no way out. Thankfully, Riot Games is now testing out an update to their surrender vote system that can make it easier for teams to accept defeat when they are down and move on from a match that is likely lost. Patch 13.2 will bring along with it the newly improved surrender vote change, so let's explore what this means for the future of LoL!

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The Problem with Lengthy Matches

The phenomenon of League of Legends matches lasting an average of over 30 minutes has become increasingly prevalent in the gaming community. Even among the most experienced players, elo boosters and professionals, long games can sometimes stretch on for almost an hour with no end in sight. Although these matches can be exciting, they often cause frustration and fatigue, leading to a less enjoyable experience overall.


There are several reasons why League of Legends matches tend to take so long. Firstly, there is no time limit for events in the game that would force teams to make decisions quickly or risk being penalized. This lack of time pressure allows teams to take their time and strategize more thoroughly, but also makes it difficult for either side to gain an advantage over the other. Additionally, certain champions' kits and mechanics can cause extended periods of stalling if neither team is able to gain a decisive edge during team fights. In addition, many players like to play cautiously, which further contributes to longer game times.


Finally, the meta-game greatly affects how long a match lasts, as certain strategies and champion combinations might result in prolonged battles due to their defensive natures or ability sets that allow for extended sieges or pushes against enemy turrets and inhibitors. Even when you have an elo booster on your team, chances are that another one will be on the opposing team, leading to another stalling scenario.


Riot's 15 minute surrender vote test

As a response to this problem, Riot Games recently announced that they are testing a new mode for the 15-minute surrender vote system in League of Legends. This new system is being tested as a way to reduce the amount of time players have to wait for games to end when one team is significantly outmatched. The vote can be initiated by any player on the losing team, and if four out of five players on the losing team agree, then the game will end in surrender. However, if even two or more members of the team do not agree, no action will be taken and the game will continue as normal.

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The aim of this new system is to reduce frustration among players who feel like their opponents are too strong or that they cannot win, which usually happens when playing versus someone who is elo boosting or smurfing, which used to lead them to abandon games or otherwise drag out matches without granting an opportunity for victory. This should help improve games overall by allowing teams who are not going to win an opportunity to save time and move on rather than having to play out a much longer match with no chance of success. Additionally, it could also help create more balanced matches overall since weaker teams would not have to endure long and potentially discouraging games which they are unlikely to ever win.

In terms of Lol Elo Boosting, these changes guarantee that boosts will be completed quicker since the average time a match takes to end will be shorter.


At this point, Riot has stated that this change is still only in a testing phase to see how players respond, but depending on its success, it may become a permanent part of League of Legends' gameplay.

Statistically, teams don't make a comeback after a failing a surrender vote.


The early surrender vote has been a topic of discussion in League of Legends for a long time. On one hand, it allows teams with a large deficit to bow out gracefully and save themselves some time, while on the other, it can be devastating for the team with an advantage to have their hard-earned lead taken away so quickly. According to Riot employee Auberaun, data shows that teams generally don’t come back after a failed early surrender vote—something that has frustrated many players.


At the same time, however, it’s important for everyone involved in the game to have fun and feel invested in the outcome. That means allowing the team with a lead enough time to enjoy their advantage and "feel powerful" before having it ripped away from them too quickly. It also means giving teams in a deficit enough time to make unlikely comebacks that can provide just as much excitement as crushing victories. In LoL Duo Boosting, a player can use the opportunity of being on the upper hand to learn a few tricks from his duo partner, an opportunity which the early vote can take away.


Finding this balance between respecting teams’ leads while still giving them enough opportunity for dramatic comeovers is what makes the early surrender vote such an important tool in League. While changes may not always be implemented perfectly, Riot is hoping that the new updates for the new season will ensure both sides of the game are able to enjoy their experience no matter how close or far apart they may be from each other in terms of score or pacing.


There is no telling yet how much of an impact the 15-minute surrender vote will have on the League of Legends community as a whole. While it may help resolve lengthy games faster and prevent players from wasting their time in "hopeless" games, it could also create a situation where teams with lower LoL MMR are constantly subject to surrender votes, making them feel helpless and powerless. Now, we must wait and see how Riot’s newly implemented test system goes in the coming weeks.

The future of League of Legends can be brighter than ever before—let's hope this change brings improvements that make the game even better!

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January 07, 2023