Riot is reworking Skarner once and for all!

Skarner has had one of the lowest usage rates of any League of Legends champion since his release more than ten years ago. According to League data website U.GG, The Crystal Vanguard has been a rare specialist choice for junglers all over the world and presently has the third-fewest games played in the position among all players in Plat and above.

In a new developer blog, Riot Games explained why the resident scorpion of Runeterra is losing players. One reason is that he ranks in the bottom four in a number of important areas. Funnily enough, he's not on the bottom four ranking of the "Would Romance this Champion" category, so at least he has that to boost his self-esteem.


Would you date this guy?


Lexi "Lexical" Gao, who is in charge of the League's products, says that Skarner got the lowest scores of any League champion for looks, character fit, favorite champion, character understanding, and even champion style. Further more, he performed even worse in terms of the champion's emotions, theme interest, and power fantasy enjoyment.

All of this ties in with the fact that he's unplayable in ranked unless you want to tank your LoL MMR, which caused the champion to disappear completely.

First of all, monster champions aren't as popular around the world as human champions, and Skarner hasn't been known for anything other than being less useful than his peers and being a purple scorpion. While the bulk of the champions in League of Legends can be described in a variety of ways, Skarner's identifiers tend to revolve around the gameplay of his ultimate ability, Impale, and the fact that he's a scorpion, or, as sometimes referred to by the player base, a lobster.

Since Skarner won the most recent fan vote for the upcoming visual and gameplay update, League of Legends players have been waiting for the new Crystal Vanguard for more than a year. Along with him, we can expect the duo of Shyvana and Rell to get some changes as well this year!

Riot is working hard to create a new, more appealing theme for Skarner that will both boost his popularity and keep his identity coherent.

3 of the 5 voted champions aren't being considered for a VGU

One significant modification the designers are considering is turning Skarner's ultimate into an area-of-effect ability, converting it from a pick-based, single target skill to a game-changing mass crowd control skill that can turn the tide on a cluster teamfight.

Instead of being a point-and-click, Skarner's ultimate, Impale, is now a cone-shaped skillshot that freezes all targets in front of him and enables him to drag them with him like his old ultimate.

This will provide Skarner with a devastating tool to engage numerous targets, even though it has a shorter duration and a quicker cast time, especially if they band together during an objective battle. He will be able to flank enemies and capture several adversaries to start a skirmish, while Skarner's enemies will need to retreat further away from the sweeping area of his ultimate.

The rest of Skarner's kit will give him extra tools while Impale is active and help him position himself better to cast Impale. The League of Legends community will be given more information in the upcoming months, and many fans are hoping that a solid release date will be announced soon.

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March 19, 2023