Did you think you were safe with loss mitigation?

Riot thinks differently, here's why:

League of Legends player's Twitter thread about their encounter with Riot support has left several players bewildered. It appears that there is a weekly limit on loss mitigation for losses caused by AFK teammates.

Who would have guessed that the number of times you'd be able to survive an AFK teammate with no punishment would eventually reach a cap? A limit exists, and Riot confirmed it. It turns out that there is a weekly cap on the number of times you can accept the game's vote to remake the game when your team has an AFK player.

Anyone who is stuck with an AFK team member but still wants to boost their rank in solo queue may benefit from loss mitigation. But now you have to monitor your game time, apparently, because there is a cap.

How Often Are You Safe From LP Loss?

Playing ranked may not always be enjoyable, that's why LoL Elo Boost exists. League of Legends, as we all know, is full of trolls, smurfs, and players who just go AFK. Whether this is due to connectivity troubles or their own choice, it makes little difference to the other four players, who will have to give it their all and try to win with one person missing.

To prevent players from dropping too much LP in such a circumstance, Riot developed loss mitigation, meaning that players left with an AFK partner will not lose any LP after consenting to forfeit early.

When the algorithm identifies an AFK teammate at the start of the game, it will immediately ask the remainder of the team if they want to recreate the game. When players consent, the game ends and they are re-entered into the queue.

Now, this occurs rather frequently in League of Legends, and there are a lot of people that go AFK for no apparent reason, and the player we mentioned above had a rough week and experienced many AFK people during their games, every time restarting the game.

Then, on the last remake, they discovered that they had lost 25 LP, which was classified as a full defeat, meaning their rank and lol mmr was impacted heavily. They contacted Riot support, thinking it was a bug, but received no assistance.

Unfortunately, the Loss mitigation has a weekly limit and when the limit is reached, no further LP can be mitigated. (...) As a personal advice, you can try to make ip combo teams with your teammates, as long as they agree and play the champions in questions, so that even if a player goes AFK, you can have a higher chance for a victory.

Riot is basically pushing players to simply play 4v5 in these circumstances. Of course, this might be a one-time occurrence, but several players who read the tweet said they've been in similar scenarios when they've reached the loss mitigation cap.

A limit on loss mitigation feels highly unjust, and players that play plenty of League are practically being penalized for playing a lot, as they are more likely to run into AFK teammates. Because no player intentionally wants to have an AFK member on their team, the very concept of putting a limit on anything like this appears pointless on its own.

Although this is not good news, at least we know people who abuse Remakes can be prevented from doing so, but the filter doesn't seem to work well enough since it's harming other players as well.

We'll have to wait and see if Riot wants to address this situation.

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April 27, 2023