Finally some news about Project L!

Some of the most famous characters from Riot Games are being used to make new games and expand the world of League of Legends. Project L was first mentioned three years ago during the 2019 10-year anniversary celebration, and additional details are now slowly coming out.

Brian "GamerBee" Hsiang, a legendary Street Fighter pro, was one of the attendees at a recent Project L dinner that Riot hosted in Japan. He shared some brand-new details about the upcoming fighting game.

Although our expectations were boosted to 100% by this event, we'll have to be a bit more patient, which is bad news for anyone who wants to play this game soon. Riot even told attendees at the dinner that they were still working on some particular features, according to GamerBee, who claimed that Riot will still take some time to even release a beta.

It was revealed that every match will be a best-of-three and that players can only win by defeating a duo of opponent characters in two rounds. It was also revealed that Riot is still trying to create a particular comeback feature for players who are left with just one character left to play.

At the event, Riot developers answered questions as well, according to GamerBee. One guy asked especially about low-height fighters and how much the fighting game audience despises them. Champion characters from League of Legends like Teemo were specifically addressed.

While there's a chance that the demon rat will be boosting the game's roster, no confirmation was given on Riot's plans for these champions. Does this imply that Teemo may join Project L as a champion?

Some in-game mechanics were also disclosed, along with details on how they will vary from their League counterparts. Hard crowd control (CC), for instance, won't be included in Project L, but the combat game may have elements like debuffs.

While Riot wants players to be able to properly perform their combos at all times, they won't also incorporate a cooldown system similar to that in the fighting game Rising Thunder. The devs think that denying users control over their activities is harmful and makes players unhappy.

Another move in the game, "Retreating Guard," cancels back dash while a champion is playing defense. According to GamerBee, when used at the appropriate moment, this technique is essentially unstoppable.

What this game won't have, however, is a block button, like Super Smash Bros Brawl and other similar titles.

Fighting games depend a lot on combinations, but sometimes they feel too long and impossible to get out of. Riot will focus on quick but powerful combinations that players can enjoy, but still leave them with a chance to get out.

Fighting game players get bored and lose interest when combos go on for too long, so Riot tries to make combos that are rewarded for how hard they are instead of how long they last.

As for what champions we will see in the affordable new game by Riot, the following image was leaked on Reddit and has everyone wondering:

The sight of Ezreal in this image lead to a huge boost in the post's popularity and it was upvoted all the way to the hot page of the League of Legends subreddit.

The people who made Project L also wanted it to be a great way to learn about fighting games, so they made it with three buttons for light, medium, and heavy strikes, as well as different combinations and directional inputs that control the sequences needed to do a full combo. All combinations will consist of a button and a direction.

Riot also said that they planned to make a game that would introduce the next generation to the fighting game subgenre, just like they did with VALORANT and first-person-shooter games. As a result, they wanted to make the entry level simple enough that anybody, regardless of the number of fighting games they have previously played, could enjoy the game.

Pro gamers should take note that every character and combo will have depth for them to discover and master. According to Riot, playing Project L shouldn't stop users from continuing to play other fighting games.

Lastly, it was also confirmed that Riot and PlayStation are working together to make sure that the game works well on all platforms with the same input latency. It's great news to know we'll find Project L on the Playstation 5, but we're left to wonder if we'll be competing crossplatform with other devices for the rank of champion.

Project L appears to be progressing slowly but surely. More details will be published shortly, and a demo video for the game is even planned, so we should have more news soon!

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April 02, 2023