Nym, the Stargazer, a champion concept from Targon

Today, we'll be taking a look at a champion concept that's out-of-the-box in more than one way while still fitting Runeterra's lore and aesthetics.

Have you ever wondered if Riot has thought of all the possible champion skills they could add in League of Legends? Here's a fresh take on an innovative champion with skills that would change the game.


Nym was born in a remote village overlooked by Mount Targon. Living at the base of the towering mountain range that separates the mortal realm from the celestial realm, he always felt a calling from above. Since he was a child, Nym has been fascinated by the stars and the magic they hold. Nym dreamt about joining the ranks of the wizards' guild for years. He spent most of his time stargazing, studying ancient astronomy tomes, and experimenting with astrology and celestial magic.

One night, while he was meditating under the starry sky, a shooting star streaked across the sky and crashed into the mountain range. Nym was filled with curiosity, and he ventured into the mountains to investigate. What he found was beyond his wildest dreams—a shard of a fallen star that held immense magical power. The shard would prove very useful in boosting his skills with magic.

With the shard in hand, Nym returned to his village, but he was not welcomed with open arms. His fellow villagers were afraid of the magical power he held, and they banished him from the village. Nym was heartbroken, but he refused to let his dreams be crushed. He set out on a journey to master the power of the stars and prove himself to his people, vowing to one day return and climb Mount Targon.



Passive - Starforger's Gift: Nym gains a stack of Stardragon's Gift each time he casts a spell. At 5 stacks, his next spell gains additional range and area of effect.

Q - Starbolt: Nym fires a bolt of starlight in a straight line, dealing magic damage to the first enemy hit and reducing their magic resist for 3 seconds.

W - Starlight Mirror: Nym summons a wall of starlight in front of himself or an ally, reducing damage dealt through the wall, and blocking the enemy champions' sight but not movement through it.

E - Meteor Shower: Nym causes meteorites to rain in an area, dealing magic damage and stunning all enemies hit.

R - Aspect of the Starforger: Nym channels the power of a star to summon an ethereal dragon who breathes celestial dust in a large cone in front of it, dealing damage, slowing and reducing healing.



Nym is a ranged mage-support with a focus on utility and shredding. His design is inspired by the stars and the magic they hold. He is tall and slender, with flowing white and blue hair and piercing blue eyes. He wears a long robe adorned with celestial symbols and carries a dragon-shaped staff made of a fallen star shard.


As a ranged mage with a Q skill that shreds magic resist, Nym is excellent for duo laning with hybrid champions or unconventional picks such as an AP bot laner. Nym's gameplay revolves around his passive, Starforger's Gift. He gains stacks by casting spells, which allow him to empower his next spell with additional range and AOE. He can use this to poke down enemies with his Q, Starbolt, boosting the damage his duo partner will deal, and set up engages with his other abilities for his team.

His W, Starlight Mirror, is a powerful defensive tool that can be used to protect himself or allies and disengage from or trap approaching enemies. His E, Meteor Shower, is his main crowd control skill, stunning enemies in an area, making it a powerful tool for setting up kills or escaping dangerous situations.

Finally, his ultimate, Aspect of the Starforger, heavily impacts any teamfight by instantly reducing healing and speed. It can be used to turn the tide of team fights and boost your team's efficiency by preventing healing and forcing the opposite team to commit to the fight.

Nym is a powerful mage-support with a unique playstyle based on unconventional stat effects. The stars and the magic they contain served as inspiration for his backstory and design, and this theme is evident in his abilities. Overall, Nym would be a welcome boost to the League of Legends roster and a great addition to Targon's lore.

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March 26, 2023