Riot is releasing a new skin tier

Riot is always improving their skin sales strategy. After the recent situation with the source code for the game being stolen by a hacker, Riot is continuing to add fresh content to League of Legends, but it's mostly skins, a decision that has left players wondering if they shouldn't be focused on releasing new patches instead. For a while, Riot has been producing more expensive skins and releasing them at an increasing rate each month.

High Noon Lucian was the most used skin in 2022

The Legendary+ Tier

Fans recently criticized the legendary Mythmaker Irelia skin, which should be the top of the skinline, saying that it was a pay-to-lose skin because of a lag in her auto attacks that led players to miss vital CS or even last hits that would guarantee kills.

Currently, there are rumors circulating that Riot wants to introduce a new skin tier in order to further milk their money maker, League of Legends. This information was leaked by BigBadBear and posted on his YouTube channel.

He continued by saying that Riot handed out a poll to players last year in which they inquired about 2400 RP skins. So, it's possible that they received enough favorable responses in the poll to consider introducing Legendary+ skins in 2023.

According to rumors, these skins would have fresh visual effects for champion takedowns as well as epic jungle monsters.

The number of skins Riot produces each year suggests that League of Legends is primarily supported by the profits made from skin sales, but this has been taken to such an extreme that some argue the game should be renamed League of Skins. Although the majority of the game is free to play and not pay to win, apart from Solo and Duo Boost which isn't sold directly by Riot, players can purchase cosmetic goods, so this is understandable.

So, what new skins are available in League of Legends this year?

We already got the Mythmaker skin line with new skins for Sivir, Irelia, Galio, Garen and Zyra in LoL Patch 13.1 and the Lunar Gods line for Ashe, Qyiana, Malphite, Kha'Zix, and Thresh on 13.1b.

More recently, Patch 13.3 brought us Heartthrob and Heartbreak Vi, Caitlyn and Amumu.

Next up on the line, Fizz, Kennen, Xerath, Singed and Ivern will be joining the Astronaut team with brand new skins, the legendary is yet to be confirmed, but we know this will be reflected on the amount of people who play these champions who have been left on the side of the plate for a while now, even though Fizz, for example, is still one of the reasons that leads players to purchase LoL Boosting services, since he's such a pain to deal with.

Other than that, Riot has confirmed that 2023 will bring new skins for Kalista, Karma, Aurelion Sol and Kled.

It was fully disclosed which skin Kalista and Karma will be getting along with the news that they would be getting them. In 2023, a brand-new skin collection called Faerie Court will be available on the rift.

Dogs vs. Cats is returning, most likely on April 1st, and Kled will be included in the skin line's new iteration.

Aurelion's new skin is still a mystery but there's a lot you can do with his champion design and model so we can expect anything to happen in that field.

The last rumor is that Coven, one of the most successful skin lines ever created by Riot, might make a return in 2023! 

Meanwhile, the Legendary+ skins were scheduled to be released for the upcoming event, but it appears Riot has delayed the release of the new skin tier until the major Summer event in July 2023.

We're betting Lux will be the first champion to see a Legendary+ and we can't wait to find out!

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February 16, 2023