RIOT has finally confirmed a new game-mode will be released in 2023

Riot appears to have finally understood that they will need to interact with their player base if they want to improve the state of the game as a result of the LoL Season 13 cinematic being universally despised by the community. As a result, Riot released a brief video on Twitter outlining what went wrong throughout 2022.

After the pandemic, the game modes team has been thinned out, and part of this team has moved to Team Fight Tactics, so we haven't seen a new game mode released in a while.

A new game-mode will be released!

Riot's openness was well received by the fans and was repeated in the video they broadcast on Friday to their social media accounts, where Riot Brightmoon and Riot Meddler were talking about what had happened in 2022. As they put it themselves:

"We know we failed to deliver some stuff that really matters to you folks. We want to share some thoughts and talk about how we're working to do better."

They did say, though, that the mode's team has been brought back to life and filled with new talent for the whole year of 2022, so players will have something new and interesting to play.

Riot will introduce a completely new game mode in 2023. According to the information we have, this game mode will be an eight-player 2v2v2v2 battle on a new map.

While casual gameplay is the main focus of the new game mode, we can't help but wonder what it would be like to experience a Duo Boost in the new map, since it's designed for 2 player teams which could include you and a Challenger LoL Booster.

This mode should be available for Summer 2023, which suggests that it might serve as the main game mode for the significant summer event in 2023. It seems as though Riot was developing a new game mode on the Nexus Blitz map, according to SkinSpotlights, a group renowed for their work showcasing new skins and data-mining PBE information. This might be that type of game.

As Riot Meddler revealed on Reddit after the video surfaced on Twitter, the game mode will also be a part of a sizable event that will NOT be a visual novel. The format has led to widespread dissatisfaction from players, and even big content creators like Necrit have expressed their outrage towards it. A new theme will be included in the event, so it won't be a repeat of past well-known events like Odyssey or PROJECT.

Riot's Project event was one of the most lucrative and successfull they've had so far.

Riot appears to be making an effort to bring back the events that casual LoL fans cherished. We anticipate more and more diverse events in the future, now that their modes team has been re-established.This could be their golden opportunity to not only "Elo Boost" League of Legends' numbers in comparison to other online games that keep growing, but also to make some former players return since they would get to try something new again, or even to catch the eye of some of their Valorant players and bring them to LoL!

Riot's reputation could use an MMR boost after the recent awkward situation involving LoL Prime Gaming.

To those unaware, Riot Games has been maintaining a healthy relationship with Amazon's Prime Gaming program, rewarding Prime members with a monthly capsule including RP, Mythic Essence, Skins, and Champion Shards. Recently, however, they announced that the latest capsule's duration would be extended until February 16th, instead of a new capsule being released on January 29th. This caused massive complaints, leading some players to cancel their Prime membership altogether, and hundreds of tweets saying this is the last straw and that Riot's Twitter video meant nothing if this is their game plan after admitting their faults.

On the other hand, no further information has been announced or leaked, so this could also mean a capsule rework, a new, different program, or an exclusivity system with the Xbox Game Pass, which was recently added.

2023 is starting out cold, and Riot is walking on thin ice. Let's see what they do next.

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February 05, 2023