Milio saves the Support role

Here at GG Boost, we are eager to learn more about Milio, who will be the first male enchanter to appear in the Summoner's Rift. We are here to provide you with all the information you require about the incoming champion, including information on his background and skills, and on how he will affect the League of Legends Boosting scene!

Milio comes from the mystical land of elements, Ixtal!

League of Legends' roster currently features around 160 champions, however, new champion concepts will be introduced in 2023. Milio, the support champion, will be the first to make a public appearance in the new year. The first-ever male enchanter to appear in League of Legends will be Milio, who will be a young lad from the forgotten lands of Ixtal.

We are really interested in what Riot Games has planned for this little character, and based on previous leaks, it appears that Milio will have a rather distinctive kit. Let's check out what we know so far!

The boy from Ixtal - Milio's backstory

Milio is from Ixtal, a remote location in the middle of the jungle where there are many historical artifacts. So far, we had seen only six champions from this region: Malphite, Nidalee, Zyra, Rengar, Neeko and Qyiana. Ixtal is a location renowned for its elemental magic, which includes Milio and his unique fire-related powers that he employs for good. Since Milio hasn't even been launched yet, we don't know too about his origins but there were some clues and hints dropped by Riot in the LoL Season 2023 Video.

In Ixaocan, Ixtal's capital city, there is an ancient artifact capable of transforming magic into solid material, the Vidalion. We know that, as an enchantar, there will be a great challenge for Milio, envolving the Vidalion, starting with his journey towards Ixaocan.

Our young hero will embark on an adventure where he will explore new locations and meet new people while getting a closer look at the Yun Tal's sinister secrets. Ixtal's dominant Ixaocan caste is known as the Yun Tal. They are a team of gifted and knowledgeable elementalists working to protect Ixtal's secrets. Every member dons distinctive attire that was created using the Vidalion and is designed to highlight each person's unique elemental ability. In Milio's case, the element will be fire.

Milio's fiery kit

According to Riot Games, Milio's supportive abilities will use fire magic to heal and protect his allies, but leaks (which aren't always 100% accurate) say he will have two different forms for each of his skills, and similarly to Nidalee, his Ultimate will switch between the two sets. The first form, will focus on shields and health recovery, while the second will be more aggressive and will include a support's signature crowd control.

Who might these little sprites be? We can't wait to find out!

The possibility of having such a diverse champion in the game is enough to make us forget about Valorant for a while and return to League just to find out more!

When players want a support to help with their bot lane matches, LoL Duo Boosting could use some new options, and Milio might just be the breath of fresh air, or in this case, flaming hot air, that your bot lane needs!

When is the enchanter joining the Rift?

Renata, who was the last support enchanter to be released, joined the League in February 2022, thus, the announcement of another enchanter support for this year's first half has us naturally delighted and also surprised. Unfortunately, Riot Games has not yet announced an official release date for Milio. He will be the first champion made available in 2023, that much we do know so far. We are communing with the power of the elements, but they don't seem to have a clue either, so we'll have to wait for an announcement.

As soon as we see him crossing the horizon, we'll light a fire. Keep an eye out for Milio!

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February 01, 2023