What can we expect from Neeko's rework?

In the year 2023, Neeko will receive a Mid-Scope Upgrade. The information became public knowledge during the summer of 2022, and ever since then, fans have been patiently waiting to find out what Riot is planning to do in order to update her kit.

Fans have been especially excited to learn more about Neeko and how the developers of League of Legends intend to make her an entertaining mid lane success, similar to what they've done with Syndra not too long ago. Neeko is an overall adorable champion with a pretty awesome in-game gimmick, but it just doesn't work very well, so players have been particularly eager to learn more about Neeko's upcoming rework or update.

Sadly, she isn't even being used to Elo Boost as much as she used to in the past due to her lack of impact on the game. We can all remember how she smashed the opposition when being used as a Support champion in an out of the box Duo lane back in the day.

It seems like only yesterday that we began playing League of Legends Season 13. The 2023 season did not get off to the best possible start because of a botched trailer and fans' calls for the corporation to be more open, which Riot has been doing in response.

There was, however, one small thing that did get fans interested: hints about upcoming champion changes, especially the Neeko Mid-Scope Update.

In Riot Devs' stream, viewers were shown how Neeko's powers will alter moving forward during the stream. She can now transform into anything and everything on the rift, which pleased fans because it would allow them to play custom games like prop hunt or a similar game.

According to Riot:

[Neeko] is still in development. I know you are all excited as the rework is really cool. But the tech for it is more complex then most mid scopes soshe is going to take a little longer. Should hopefully be something in spring. 

This makes perfect sense given that Neeko can now transform into a variety of plants, champions, and creatures found across the map. Even though we have access to more information about the mid-scope update now, we still need to be patient.

Soon enough, all the Neeko mains out there should be able to return to the Rift, and we will be seeing her a lot more on Boosting services as well, that's for sure.

At the beginning of each ranked season, Riot Games provides its fans with an early look at the content that will be released later that year for League of Legends players. A sneak peek at two brand-new League of Legends characters that will be available in 2023 has been provided. The first is a young enchanter who hails from Ixtal, also known as the land of the elements, and whose name is now known to be Milio. The second character is a Darkin Hunter named Naafiri, who can take on a variety of mysterious appearances. We are already aware that the two of them are tied to Nidalee, and that Naafiri is associated with canines in some way.

Although we are aware that a new League of Legends champion will be introduced very soon, most likely around LoL Patch 13.6 or 13.7, we predict the arrival of Neeko any time between Milio, the new support, and Naafiri, the Darkin assassin.

Since Nidalee's new voice lines hint at a connection to Neeko, it's very likely that the two updates and the two new champions are released close to one another, most likely in an Ixtal-themed event.

We can't wait to try out the new and improved super sneaky Neeko and we're sure you feel the same! See you in the jungle!

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March 02, 2023