Faker vs. Ruler: The God faces the King!

Who will be the League of Legends Mid-season Invitational 2023 champions?

After Gen.G failed to get the reverse sweep against T1 and G2 Esports demolished the Mad Lions, it was JDG's turn to prove why they are the absolute champions of the LPL.

In an extremely one-sided best-of-five series, Ruler's squad destroyed Bilibili Gaming in a very fast and very effective 3-0.

The world-class veterans 369, Ruler, and Kanavi showcased once again why they are the ultimate champions. From the very start of game one, BLG's Bin was denied every chance to even begin snowballing, and as he fell, so did his squad.

Ruler's mechanic prowess in the game shocked the world as he easily carried JDG to a win streak without much effort but a lot of style. After a second game as Jinx, the bot-laner got to play Zeri, who statistically was not doing very well in this competition so far, and everyone realized that any champion can suffer from the "200 years" syndrome when left in the right hands.

JDG remains undefeated with an impressive 6-0 record and, so far, has not been at risk of losing a single match. Faker's T1 might have defeated their biggest rivals in Gen.G, but the crowd is chanting for JDG, and the unstoppable wave from the LPL is showing no signs of slowing down.

Will T1 be able to stand in their way, or is Ruler going to show the world that even the God of League can bend a knee?

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Meanwhile, in the lower bracket, something was stirring.

As we watched the teams prepare, we could almost feel the excitement of the fans, a song of champions coming back to claim what is theirs by right!

The LCS civil war began, and Cloud9 kept no prisoners.

The first two matches were a masterclass on teamwork by the veterans on C9, with Blaber being called "the best jungler ever in the LCS" unanimously by the commenting table. But in the third match, something changed. The Golden Guardians fought for their lives, and when it came to the point of no return, they managed to swim instead of sink!

With River's amazing skills and two baron steals, Licorice built a wall to protect his ADC, Stixxay, who was absolutely unstoppable, and they managed to turn the game around.

But none of this was enough. Game 4 was bloodshed, and Cloud9 refused to waste more time; they grabbed a full poke comp with Blaber taking Nidalee to the jungle and Berserker playing a demonic Varus! The Golden Guardians said "GG" as they were at a six thousand gold deficit by the fifteen minute mark, and despite River stealing yet another baron, C9 claimed the Dragon Soul as well as the Elder Drake and steamrolled into the base, claiming their rightful spot as the winners.

This was without a doubt one of the cleanest and most organized victories we've seen so far, not only from Cloud9 but on the 2023 edition of the MSI, and you can't help but realize that anyone can become the MSI Grand Champion.

MSI 2023 has been one of the most competitive tournaments in League of Legends history so far!

Who do you think will win this year's Mid-Season Invitational?

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May 14, 2023