MSI 2023 has a new format, but who's in it?

In just a couple of weeks, 13 of the greatest League of Legends squads from across the world will fight for the MSI 2023 championship cup at the LoL Mid-Season Invitational.

After a thrilling Grand Final match against T1 from South Korea, China's Royal Never Give Up emerged as champions. One thing is for sure: We're going to see a new champion crowned at MSI 2023. Despite all their efforts and the boost to their roster, RNG have not qualified this year. There will be a lot at stake for the teams, including regional honor, prize money, and bragging rights! It's not about elo or ranked rewards; this is the real deal, so everyone will be doing their absolute best.

Learn more about MSI 2023 and how to follow all the action as it happens right here!

When and where will MSI 2023 take place?

Starting on May 2 with the League of Legends Play-In Stage and concluding with the Grand Final on May 21.

Luckily, we are not only pros at LoL Elo Boosting, but also at finding great leaks! As predicted back in January in our article, MSI 2023 is taking over London aboard the Copper Box Arena.

The MSI 2023 schedule is broken down into its individual phases as follows:

  • Play-In Stage: May 2nd to 7th
  • Bracket Stage: May 9th to 14th and May 16th to 20th
  • MSI 2023 Grand Final: May 21st

How does the MSI 2023 competition work?

This year, Riot Games decided to boost the number of teams participating in the League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational 2023 from 11 to 13. Runners-up from North America, Europe, China, and South Korea will receive a second seed for MSI 2023, despite the fact that regions like the LCO can no longer directly place teams in the competition.

North American, European, and Chinese top seeds, as well as both South Korean top seeds, get an instant boost to the Bracket Stage. As a result of their success in their respective regional competitions, the five squads that reached the number one rank will skip the Play-In round.

At the same time, the other eight teams will participate in the Play-In round, where they will face off for three spots in the bracket round.

Who qualified for the MSI 2023 so far?

The 13 teams that will be participating in MSI 2023 and their respective regions are:

Play-In Stage teams:

  • LCS number 2 seed: Golden Guardians
  • LEC number 2 seed: *G2 Esports
  • LPL number 2 seed: Bilibili Gaming
  • LLA: Movistar R7
  • LJL: DetonatioN FocusMe
  • PCS: Talon Esports
  • VCS: TBA

Bracket Stage Teams:

  • LCS #1 seed: Cloud9
  • LCK #1 seed: Gen.G
  • LCK #2 seed: T1
  • LPL #1 seed: JD Gaming
  • LEC #1 seed: TBA

How can I watch the MSI 2023?

If you want to watch MSI 2023 live, you may tune in to Riot Games' live broadcast on Twitch and YouTube. You can even use to watch and boost your chances at winning random loot and rewards!

Also, is holding the tickets, so if you want to go see the show in person at the Copper Box Arena, you can buy them on their website.


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April 20, 2023