Everything you need to know about MMR!

The LoL MMR system is crucial for the game's most popular game formats like Ranked Queue.

Don't worry if you have no idea what MMR is, what it does, or how it influences your ranking progress in League of Legends. Today, we'll be looking at the League Matchmaking Rating and all its nooks and crannies.


What is MMR on League?


MMR stands for Matchmaking Rating, which is a hidden rating system used in games like League of Legends to match players of similar skill levels against each other. It's used to ensure that players are matched up with others of a similar skill level, creating a fair and competitive gaming experience.

In League of Legends, your MMR is used to determine the average skill level of your opponents and teammates in ranked matches. The system takes into account your win-loss ratio as well as the ranks and scores of the opponents you face. If you consistently win against players with a higher MMR than you, your MMR will increase faster, and you'll be matched with even tougher opponents. This isn't to say that you have to win against people in higher ranks, since you can be Silver 3 with Diamond 2 MMR or even Diamond 1 with Gold 4 MMR.

But let's dive deep into elo hell, where the MMR is way below 3000 and the only way to escape it is to buy League of Legends boosting from one of our Challengers.

In the 400 to 600 MMR range, you're likely to be playing against other players who are relatively new to the game or who are still learning the basics. At this level, players may not have a deep understanding of the game's mechanics, and they may not be familiar with all of the champions or items. As a result, games can be unpredictable and full of surprises.

One of the biggest challenges at this LoL MMR level is communication and teamwork. Players may not be familiar with how to communicate effectively with their teammates or may not be accustomed to working together to achieve objectives. This is usually frustrating and, honestly, painful, but luckily there are solutions to getting out, like duo boosting with a highly skilled player.

Another key factor at this MMR level is understanding the basics of the game, which you can learn with a booster in duo queue. This includes things like last-hitting minions to earn gold, managing waves of minions to control the flow of the game, and understanding when to push and when to retreat. By mastering these fundamentals, you can gain a significant advantage over your opponents and start to climb the ranks.


What is a good MMR on LoL?


The distance from your MMR determines the magnitude of your LP gains and losses. If your actual shown rank is substantially lower than your MMR, the system will try to speed up your progress by boosting you with more LP after a victory and less LP after a defeat. If your rank is higher than your MMR, the opposite will happen; you will lose a lot of LP and gain very little.

If you're asking yourself, What is my LoL MMR?, you'll be glad to know that you can use any LoL MMR calculator found on a search engine like Google to get a number.

Knowing your MMR as a number is nice, but the most important thing to know is if it's above or below your rank. If you earn 23 or more LP on wins and lose 19 or lower, your mmr is higher than your actual elo. If you lose 23 or more LP on defeats and get 19 or less on wins, your MMR is lower than your rank. If you win and lose something between 20 and 22 LP per win or loss, then your MMR and Rank match each other.

There is a LoL MMR, but there are also Wild Rift, TFT, and Valorant MMR scores. Apart from each game having its own system, there's also a different rating for each queue: Solo/Duo, Flex, Draft, and even ARAM all have them, so you have a lot of different ranks to climb!

It's also important to note that the MMR system is not a perfect indicator of skill level. Players may have high MMRs but lack certain skills or knowledge that are important for success in the game. Conversely, players with lower MMRs may be highly skilled in certain areas or have a deep understanding of specific champions or strategies.


Overall, the MMR system is an important part of the competitive experience in League of Legends. By working to improve your MMR and mastering the basics of the game, you can rise through the ranks and compete at increasingly higher levels of play.

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May 07, 2023