MAD Lions are under fire from their fans!

Some people didn't like how the MAD Lions E-sports team remembered Karol "Konektiv" Wojciechowski, a former player who died on September 7, 2022.

On a recent post on Twitter, the MAD Lions group paid respect to a deceased former player and said that they would support the player's parents' fundraising efforts by contributing 500 euros "towards the health and recovery of sick children." The many team jerseys that Konektiv wore were recently put up for internet auction by his parents to help with this fundraiser.

People have said that the donation was too small and that it came too late, as Konektiv died on September 7, 2022, and the organization's tribute was posted on January 20, 2023. MAD Lions' Twitter page was flooded with posts saying that it was too late after the player had died or that the amount of money donated was too low, especially considering the size of the brand and company, which has been a household name on the LEC while shining the spotlight on many amazing players, leading them to go from average professional players (some of them with a part-time job in League of Legends Boosting businesses or streaming side gigs) to stars of the EMEA competitive stage.

MAD, a brand owned by the Overactive Media Group, a huge business spanning several E-sports teams in many competitive games, has been extremely successful in recent years, participating in the last three World Championships and even getting a fourth place in 2022's Summer Playoffs.

The 'Konektiv' tribute caused outrage amongst now former fans!

Polish player Konectiv began his esports career as a mid laner with MAD Lions before moving on to MAD Lions E.C. in 2017. Prior to joining Adive in 2018, he did not spend much time as a starter with the team. After departing the squad, he also transitioned to the top lane solo role. He would be a top laner for PRIDE and Illuminar Gaming until 2022 for the rest of his playing career.

In 2022, he made a comeback as a coach for the Polish team Internaziomale, currently known as Wina Krzycha. The Polish team was led by Konectiv to a first-place finish in the regular season of the Ultraliga second division, and the team went on to win the league's playoffs.

Here's the post, as shared by MAD Lions on their Twitter page:

The official announcement by MAD Lions.

While the backlash from this controversy might be making a lot of noise for the time being, the team's reputation is about to get a huge boost as they sign Dark Ratio as their new Valorant professional squad.

MAD have already been missing out on the Valorant competitive action for a while, but Dark Ratio was one of the six teams that qualified for NA Challengers. They achieved this by having a miraculous run in the lower bracket, which included victories over 99 Strength, NSIC, Rat Attack, and The Nation in their elimination games. The fusion between them and MAD happened immediately before the start of the Challengers League, where the top 12 North American squads will compete.

The statement signals a change in territory for the Valorant part of the MAD Lions. The duo of Domagoj "Doma" Fancev and Alexandre "xms" Forté were members of the organization's previous European team. In Stage 2 of VRL 2022 France, that team came in second.

On February 2, MAD Lions will take on TSM in their opening game in Challengers Group B, which also features The Guard, M80, Disguised, and OREsports. The group's best four teams will earn spots in the Mid-Season Event.

Let's see how loud these Lions can roar!

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February 02, 2023