The land of the elements and the origins of Runeterra

Ixtal was known for being good at elemental magic, and it was one of the first independent countries to join the Shuriman empire, with the duo of Shurima and Ixtal controlling most of the southern hemisphere of Runeterra.

It is conceivable that Ixtali culture, which is considerably older and was a part of the vast eastward exodus that produced civilizations like the Buhru, Helia, and the people of the Blessed Isles, and westward, originating the first Targon ascetics and significantly boosting the development of the first Ascended.

According to League of Legends lore, Icathia collapsed 3500 years ago, allowing the Void to enter Runeterra. The Ixtalan tribes, who were formerly a part of the Shuriman empire, now confront a foe who could bring down their nation. When its horrible tendrils approached Ixtal's furthest jungles, the rot had already spread widely from the remains of Icathia. Ne'Zuk of the Ascended Host was a massively powerful Ixtali elemental wizard. He promised to build a device strong enough to confront the Void and destroy it at the point of its initial emergence, but so far, we have no clue what it was or if it worked or not.

As the Void and the Darkin grew into godlike threats over time, the Ixtal magicians were able to avoid them by cutting themselves off from their Shuriman friends and hiding in the jungles. Despite the fact that a lot had already been lost, they were dedicated to protecting what little was still there.

Much like Marvel's Wakanda, the advanced arcology-city of Ixaocan has been hidden away for thousands of years deep in the jungle, boosting it's military ranks with powerful mages, and it is still mostly untouched by outside influences. Since they didn't take part in the destruction of the Blessed Isles or the Rune Wars that followed, the Ixtali see every other country in Runeterra as newcomers and pretenders. Now, whenever someone comes near, they employ their potent elemental magic to keep any invaders at bay.

A unique monarchic regime is in charge of the area. Everyone in the Mage Autocracy has a predetermined place in society according to a caste system. Seldom can a person change their caste, and they frequently remain in their caste their whole lives. Based on the amount of time spent studying, a caste's social hierarchy advances its members' development toward ultimate mastery of the elements.

The Yun Tal are Ixtal's governing Ixaocan caste. Ixtal's most talented and knowledgeable elementalists have been guarding its secrets for countless years. Although applicants may anticipate being tested to the absolute edge of their talents, there are no official requirements for admittance to the Yun Tal, and any acceptance needs to be unanimous among all in attendance. To strengthen and demonstrate their elemental prowess, every member of the Yun Tal caste wears unique clothes made by the Vidalion.

Ten daughters born of royalty were bestowed upon the present rulers of the Yun Tal, affectionately known as "the Yunalai" by many. It is hardly surprising that all of them were prepared to face the Vidalion at very young ages given that they had the benefit of inherited mastery from previous generations. Qiyana, one of its members, aspires to overthrow her place in the caste system and one day rule as Empress.

Ixtal's champion roster currently counts Malphite, Neeko, Nidalee, Qiyana, Rengar, and Zyra among its ranks. But a new elemental mage will be joining the team to boost the Ixtal nation soon. Milio, the gentle flame, will be joining the Rift in Patch 13.6.

The League of Legends community is expecting more champions and lore from the region to be released soon. We can't wait to master the elements!

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March 21, 2023