Riot is already planning a NEW champion!

Every so often, Riot publishes the LoL Champion Roadmap. The roadmap provides fresh information on forthcoming League of Legends champion kit nerfs and buffs, which skinlines will get a boost, what are the next reworks, and an inside view of the range of other champions that Riot is developing.

A lot of exciting things are happening, like the addition of new champions in 2023 and upcoming improvements to current champions, such as the long awaited VGUs. Are you prepared for new features in Riot's mid-scope update?

Although an exact number of new League of Legends champions has not yet been disclosed, we do know that Riot will be boosting the champion roster again soon, and we assume that in 2023 we will most likely see the same number of new champions as in the previous year. We believe it is possible to create up to six new champions each year.

Riot has not officially confirmed this, so we are only speculating, but during the last few years, Riot has released four to five champions every year, and given the frequency of Mid-Scope changes and other updates, and Riot's new focus on gameplay improvements, this number appears likely to increase this year.

Who can we expect to join the Rift soon? One of the most intriguing League of Legends Champions to be unveiled in a while appears to be the next one. A Darkin assassin from Shurima called Naafiri. We've known for a while that a Darkin created from a dagger and a canine will be joining the rift soon, and based on the lore from Legends of Runeterra and League of Legends, we've been expecting this Darkin to be next in line.

The new champion, designed for the mid lane, will have a macro play style and deal AD damage by using a dagger instead of the intricate mechanics that we often see in assassins and there are rumours that she might have a "summoner" aspect to her as well, since she's described as a pack instead of a single unit.

The Darkin all have the same origin, being a duo of a mortal being and a God-Warrior from Shurima, plagued by their own usage of blood magic and the traumatic memories of the Void War that boosts the mortal's power while taking control over their body and mind. All documented Darkins are caught and encased in weapons, unable to revert to their former state. Aatrox, Varus, and Rhaast, Kayn's weapon, are the only Darkin champions available in LoL for now. Vladimir and the Darkins share certain family ties. He wasn't one himself, but a Darkin taught him blood magic.

Prepare yourselves because two more new champions have just been announced. One of them will be a jungler, while the other will be a creative midlaner.

Riot August is working on the jungler, according to Spideraxe on Twitter. Many think this will be a "genuine" vampire champion because the visual of this champion is a frightening castle, and leaks claim the champion will be boosting the Noxian ranks in the everlasting war for the Summoner's Rift!

Since Naafiri is an assassin and Riot often uses different midlaners, it's likely that the midlaner will be a mage. The other champion that has been announced will be a mage, although that has not yet been established, as Naafiri is the melee mid of 2023.

Stay tuned for more news and League of Legends updates every week!

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March 23, 2023