Which League of Legends tournament pays more?

Although DoinB is not playing for a competitive team in the 2023 Season, he's staying in the spotlight by streaming often and consistently treating us to juicy insider information about the game, the pros, and the drama!

He recently got into conflict with his former teammate Tian, flaring up on Twitter, YouTube, and even Twitch. More recently, he disclosed that he had offers from other countries, and now he has revealed something that we've all been waiting to know, which region pays its top stars the most.

This year, the LCK is the region paying the most for its S-tier players, according to DoinB, who discussed earnings across the globe. Teams from the EU and NA got in touch with him, according to a translation on Twitter by the LPL Fanclub. 

"Teams from NA and EU contacted me during the off-season. (...) For S-tier players this year, LCK paid them the most, 2nd is LCS, 3rd is LPL."

He didn't say which teams got in touch with him, but we do know that he had offers from the different regions. He subsequently commented on the salary discrepancy, saying that the LPL had previously held the top rank for regions paying top performers the greatest compensation, but that this year the LCK had overtaken it.

The LCK is the best paying region in Season 2023!

As of February 2023, the statistics that list the top League of Legends eSports competitors globally by earnings state that throughout his documented eSports gaming career, Faker (Lee Sang-Hyeok), the South Korean LoL legend, earned an estimated 1.43 million dollars. This is over half a million dollars above the second best-paid League of Legends pro and does not include his sponsorships, royalties, and other earnings, which rank up his estimated net worth to 4 million US dollars.

Additionally, he mentioned that only a select few players on EU teams might receive the same wage as those in NA or any other region. He also mentioned that several EU gamers left for North America because of the lower pay. After all, they could make five times as much just by changing countries.

Back in the past, a lot of LEC players went to join the LCS because salaries were too low, and you could earn four to five times as much by playing in NA. The difference was huge, but now I do think the conditions in LEC are getting better

Although he didn't give specific figures, it does make sense when considering gamers who relocate to NA from the region.

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DoinB himself decided to remain a streamer in China rather than change locations.

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February 09, 2023