Patch 13.3's best jungler rated

Huge adjustments were made to the jungler role in patch 13.3, as Riot sought to limit the power of early-game junglers while prioritizing scaling. In order to prioritize quicker clears, jungle camps now grant more XP for each monster, while jungle treats grant less gold. Ganking has evolved into a dangerous activity as a result of boosts to trinket wards and turret damage.

Despite the fact that three of the best five champions have not changed, the jungler meta has now evolved to reflect this. Demonic Embrace may receive further nerfs on incoming patches, but right now, you have a great chance to surpass the competition by knowing the next top-of-meta superstars.

Time to learn how to be the king of the jungle in Season 13.

Number 5: Rammus

Rammus is cursed and blessed by an enormous amount of inconsistencies in Patch 13.3. He has losing matchups versus the other four S-tier champions while having a 52.33% victory rate. Thornmail and Bone Plating, his preferred initial item and rune combo, provide the foundation of his signature build. Moreover, this champion has not recently gotten any big buffs.

But in the meta, Rammus is enjoying a comeback! League of Legends was in dire need of a new tank jungler after Zac was wiped off the map, and Rammus has excelled in that role. Despite "bad" matchups, the champion has only a handful of unplayable games because he has a fascinating kit to use and even the ability to use Ghost in most games to increase his map mobility.

Rammus is a fantastic choice for those learning the jungle role because of his straightforward mechanics and immediate effect. He comes highly recommended, and if further adjustments to the top 3 champions occur, the armordillo can really only grow better.

Number 4: Jarvan IV

In contrast to Rammus, Patch 13.3 did include direct benefits for Jarvan IV. He has two more armor at the beginning of the game, and his W shield's cooldown has been reduced. With improved scaling on Golden Aegis too, Jarvan IV currently has a 52.49% win percentage.

Above all else, Jarvan IV has excellent matchups against the majority of the leading meta champions. With Jarvan returning to the game and countering Maokai 52% of the time, the tree is starting to struggle. Jarvan is now using Goredrinker into Black Cleaver, both of which have just undergone changes that give him more tools to use in the late game.

Number 3: Elise

Elise's ranking in the top three is evidence of the general power of her kit since she has once more managed to endure reductions in tower damage and early ganks. Elise has a 51% victory rate to demonstrate her superior ability to disregard those significant patch tweaks and still raid the bot lane and dive the turret. Build Night Harvester and link it into the Dark Harvester rune as you normally would.

This recently represented a rise in her use in LoL Boosting services, since she's relatively complex, meaning most lower ranked players are not comfortable playing against her or don't know how her kit works at all.

In light of this, Elise players would want to be on the lookout for Rammus's ascent. Rammus could serve as a strong second ban alternative in the event that Maokai is covered by someone else because he has a favorable matchup versus the spider most of the time.

Number 2: Udyr

Because all of his preferred items were spared by Patch 13.3, Udyr is similarly unaffected by the most recent patch modifications. The shaman's primary strategy is still Demonic Embrace into Jak'Sho, and Udyr's 52% success rate is impressive enough to maintain him near the top of this ranking.

Due to new matchups appearing in the meta, Udyr might start to distance himself from players who were just casually using the champion. Because J4 is an easier kit to learn and play, enemy junglers who are tired of the meta are probably aiming right at the huge bullseye on the backs of Udyr and Maokai, so don't expect them to remain unbanned in most matches.

Number 1: Maokai

With no contest whatsoever in sight, Maokai continues to dominate the rift. The champion had almost no nerfs in patch 13.3, and he is more than willing to sweep a couple extra camps in place of ganks. Maokai's only real challenge is his high 46% ban rate, but despite that, even in his "bad" matchup versus Jarvan IV, the lowest Maokai goes is a 48% win rate, with every other big matchup going above 53% easily.

In recent LoL Boost matches, Maokai has been growing in popularity, and since the jungle role makes it much easier to influence a match, he's always a good choice if you want to increase your LoL MMR.

Phase Rush with Demonic Embrace and Liandry's is still the strongest plan if Maokai makes it through the draft. Although it's unclear how long Maokai will be able to rule the jungle meta, make the most of his 53 percent win rate because Riot will most likely nerf him soon, reducing it to pitiful numbers.

Although these five Challenger level Champions aren't everything, we strongly recommend trying them out. And if you're interested in learning how to play one of them, feel free to check out our LoL Duo Boosting services now!

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February 19, 2023