All the Changes in the Aurelion Sol Rework!

Welcome, Summoners! Are you ready to take your gaming experience with League of Legends to the next level? Prepare for a wild ride as we reveal all of the exciting new changes to Riot's own star maker, Aurelion Sol.From powerful abilities that let you control and manipulate space-time itself, to beautiful visuals that will draw in players from every role; there is something here for everyone! Join us as we delve into the mysteries of The Celestial Drake!

Aurelion Sol's Champion Rework - What is it and why was he chosen?

Aurelion Sol is a champion in the popular online game League of Legends, and his rework has been highly anticipated by players for quite some time. The rumored changes coming to his kit have caused an uproar of excitement from the community, as they are finally able to experience a brand new version of their beloved champion. Compared to how Aurelion Sol was before, his new kit has a lot of unique and powerful abilities that can be used in different ways to make new plays.

The biggest change to Aurelion Sol’s kit is the introduction of his passive ability, "Cosmic Creator", which causes his damaging abilities to generate Stardust, a resource that will improve his kit's skills throughout the match.

Star Surge, his Q ability, will be replaced by Breath of Light, a channeling skill that damages the first enemy it hits and deals a smaller amount of splash damage to nearby enemies. This skill's damage also increases over time, as does the Stardust that it generates.

Astral Flight will change his "flying" ability from the E key to the W key.While in flight, ASol will be able to cast and pass over any form of terrain. Breath of Light deals increased damage throughout the duration of Astral Flight.

The reworked E skill will be Aurelion's main Crowd Control ability, Falling Star. By casting it, the dragon will create a black hole that slows and pulls enemies towards its center and executes any foes below a specific HP threshold.

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Aurelion Sol's new Ultimate, "Falling Star", will cause a projectile to hit a huge area, stunning (or knocking up) and damaging all enemies caught. This ability is progressively upgraded as the champion collects more and more Stardust.

Overall, Riot Games chose Aurelion Sol for this rework because he offered unique opportunities for innovative playmaking due to his design, and most importantly, he was chosen because the players wanted it! As one of the oldest champions in League of Legends with various memories attached to him by many players across multiple regions, it made sense that Riot would want to give back to its fanbase by giving them something new and exciting that they could enjoy—that's exactly why they decided on reworking Aurelion Sol!

Aurelion Sol CGU Release Date

Aurelion Sol will soon be making his entrance into the popular MOBA game, League of Legends. His rework has been highly anticipated by many fans since it was first teased in 2022. With his new kit, skill animations, and, most likely, a new skin, set to be released in Patch 13.3, players can finally get their hands on the new and improved dragon-mage. The files for this CGU are currently on the PBE, and according to a tweet from SkinSpotlights, they will be released on February 7th, 2023.

As Aurelion Sol is a force of nature unlike any other in League of Legends lore, many players are excited to see what kind of power he will possess and how he'll fit within the current meta. His unique abilities look like they could provide a great new way to play for experienced and new players alike as we await the official release date!

Taking Stardust to the Big League

Aurelion Sol is likely to become one of the strongest champions in League of Legends, gaining traction in both the pro scene and LoL Elo Boosting services. It's an exciting thought to imagine Faker playing the reworked version of this champion in Worlds 2023!

His unique new kit combines incredible burst damage with crowd control and even an execute, making him a great pick for any situation. His ultimate ability, Falling Star, gives him a massive area-of-effect damaging ability that will change the course of any team fight, so it's not a longshot to expect to see him in the LEC.

Aurelion Sol's strength will not stop there; he will have excellent scaling into the late game due to his passive skill and Ultimate area-of-effect. Aurelion Sol will also keep his tremendous wave clearing capabilities, which can help teams push objectives or siege towers quickly without having to worry about minion waves blocking them.

The combination of all these factors will make Aurelion Sol an incredibly viable champion for both professional players and those looking to climb the ranked ladder through elo boost services. His kit offers huge amounts of utility for teamfights and objective control, meaning he can be used both aggressively and defensively depending on the situation. Furthermore, his strength does not diminish even in the late game, meaning that Aurelion Sol will remain relevant as the game progresses, which makes him even more valuable in competitive play.

All in all, the Aurelion Sol rework and Comprehensive Gameplay Update offers a unique chance for Summoners to enjoy a more balanced, interesting, and engaging champion. Even though some aspects of the update may be worrying or disliked, it is of great value to understand why these changes were needed. This update does wonders for leveling the playing field between Aurelion Sol and all other Champions, offering him an even-handed shot at victory.

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January 08, 2023