League of Legends: Lunar Revel 2023

LoL players, get ready for a celestial celebration! Riot Games has announced the upcoming Lunar Revel in early 2023. Get to know the exclusive skins about to be released and discover what's still hidden beneath the veil of mystery surrounding this epic event - is there something more exciting on its way? The data miners have already uncovered some information online so check out our summary now; you wouldn't want your RP going wasted during Winterblessed Event when we could save them all up for even better things coming soon with LoL's next big party.

Lunar Revel is kicking off Season 2023

As we gear up for the new season, here at GG Boost we've been preparing diligently to provide our customers with the best support possible. We recognize this can be a difficult time of year as it the chaotic nature of placement matches throw in pros and beginners into the same fighting pit, so we've hired a few extra boosters to help you get a higher LoL MMR and a head start.

It's been a long time coming, but finally, the 2023 season in Lol Rank has finally started, and it’s all about the rabbit! While this means that League Boosting is coming back strong, it also means League of Legends players can expect to see a slew of bunny-themed projects and content dropping in the new event. This could mean anything from a legendary rabbit skin for champions like Ahri or Zoe to map features built around the theme!

One this is for sure, with the new event, the Porcelain skin-line chromas are returning! Players have a chance to get their hands on event chromas from 2022, available for just 300 tokens. Farm your tokens efficiently and you could even be rewarded with an exclusive free event chroma from last year - luck truly is on your side this holiday season.

Get ready for a whole new level of adventure! Riot’s event is bringing you the rare and exclusive Event Orb, plus the chance to get your hands on a special Event Grab Bag or the premium Event Pack. But don't forget - these goodies can only be accessed by those willing to pay with RP instead of tokens at the event shop.

Here are some of the rewards you can gather:

Event Orbs have a chance to drop a Random Skin Shard and a low chance of dropping a Grab Bag which includes 2 Skin Shards (975 RP or higher) + 1 Skin Shard (1350 RP or lower) and a chance of dropping 2 bonus shards

You can also get the Event Pack which will drop 3 Skin Shards (1350 RP or less) OR 4 Skin Shards (975 RP or more) OR 4 random permanent skins.

While this event is great for gathering colorful upgrades to your champions’ wardrobes, it won’t do much for your rank. If you're looking for a more useful alternative to spending your money on aesthetic items, consider investing it in lol elo boosting instead! This way, you'll gain experience quicker while also improving your reputation within the League of Legends community. Besides, this year Riot is resetting everyone’s rank mid-season with the new “Two split” format, so you can earn two skins with amazing chromas that are rank exclusive as well. Now that’s what we call catching two rabbits in a single trap!

The year of the rabbit is all about opportunity so, why not make it 3 rabbits? Lol Duo Boosting gives you the chance to team up with another lol player while guaranteeing more rewards. Not only will you have more fun playing alongside someone else, it also means you can level up the event pass faster due to getting more wins and collect tokens galore in no time. Take your lol game to the next level with the lol duo queue elo boost and reap all the bonuses it has to offer.

The upcoming event pass is sure to be a treat for all players! Boasting not one, but three prestige skins - the Prestige Mythmaker Sivir skin and Porcelain Lissandra skin have already been confirmed. But wait... there's more! Data mining from Julex_Gameplays reveals that another prestige champion will join them in this exciting bundle of rewards. Plus, some brand-new chromas and borders exclusive to the Lunar Gods or Mythmakers can also be yours if you've got enough tokens (2,000) up your sleeve. Are you ready take on those challenges? Get grinding with an event pass now - no free-to-play shortcuts here folks!

It looks like ARURF is next up for rotating game mode, and with it already hitting the PBE servers, it appears that we'll be playing more random URF games in the new year. After all the excitement of URF during the World Championship event it's a bit of a letdown to start 2021 with yet another URF-style mode. Of course, it could be part of a bigger plan from Riot - maybe they have something special planned? I'm keeping my fingers crossed they come up with some fresh game modes this year so we can expect even more fun in future LoL events!

The Lunar Revel 2023 event is just around the corner! Starting on January 10, 2023 and running right through until February 14th, this one-month event is sure to be a blast. Get in the spirit of things with amazing loot and challenges that celebrate the arrival of a fresh start. Delight in new cosmetics and goodies when you complete objectives or get your hands on new reward currencies.

The fun starts as soon as the first patch hits League of Legends so make sure you're ready for an awesome month-long festival this winter with the best elo boosting service in the market, GG Boost.com!

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January 11, 2023