Bjergsen's strange goodbye caused a massive stir in the community!

The surprising news that Bjergsen, one of the LCS's greatest stars, will retire after 11 years in the e-sport! This legend has been playing competitively for as long as people have been doing League of Legends elo boost games. The news was delivered to the public last week. This development caught many fans off guard. However, it seems that not even Bjergsen's own squad knew about what was happening until an hour prior to the announcement of his retirement.

The Danish mid laner said his goodbyes to the competitive League of Legends scene on April 7 in a video posted to Twitter with the caption "My farewell." Bjergsen is widely regarded as one of the best players in League of Legends ever, having hit record lol mmr scores in the past, and he has amassed a massive following in the LCS across the course of his career. One of his greatest moments has to be his duo mid with Wildturtle, or his games with Doublelift.

For a long time now, the idea of leaving had been on his mind, and despite roster and strategy changes in the team and the competitive LoL scene, Bjergsen did not change his mind about leaving 100 Thieves.

Bjergsen's announcement of his retirement surprised the crowd, but it was something he had been considering for some time. Despite giving the decision much thought, Bjergsen informed his staff of his retirement about an hour before it was publicly announced. So far, noone has a clue of who will boost the 100 Thieves squad and replace Bjergsen.

This was revealed during the 100 Thieves podcast "Cast," when Nadeshot, the group's creator, said that he had a hard time adjusting to Bjergsen's retirement. Here's what Nadeshot had to say about the whole situation:

We were at the golf course when I got the text. And it was basically Jacob, our Head of Esports, saying, "Bjergsen just informed us that he is retiring and that he is gonna release a statement within the next hour"

Bjergsen's fans are now accusing him of having unprofessional conduct.

Fans were disappointed by Bjergsen's departure, but they could respect his decision if it weren't for the fact that he gave no warnings whatsoever to his teammates. Some of Bjergsen's former supporters were not pleased with his handling of the situation involving his previous squad, the 100 Thieves.

A fan's post on Reddit describing how surprised they were by Bjergen's response received more than 4,000 upvotes, boosting the post to the main pages of the League of Legends subreddit. The Reddit user thought that Bjergsen could have handled the situation more competently and given 100 Thieves more time to deal with the news before making it public.

The founder of 100 Thieves quickly became aware of the backlash from the fanbase and addressed the messages and comments from everyone.

Everything escalated once the podcast was released. Nadeshot decided to talk about the matter on Twitter as the criticism of Bjergsen became excessive. Nadeshot tweeted:

Since the podcast clip is making its rounds and people aren’t even taking the time to watch the entire clip, I hold no resentment or ill will towards Bjergsen. I understand why he handled it the way that he did, I was simply explaining it from my perspective which is the entire purpose of the podcast.

Nadeshot claims in his statement that the video was misrepresented and that he has no ill will toward Bjergsen, despite the fact that his resignation was heartbreaking.

He goes on to explain that he is grateful for the time they spent together on 100 Thieves and believes Bjergsen has earned the right to leave the professional League of Legends game on his own terms. This acted as a boost to his popularity which was declining fast after the missunderstanding.

Clearly, Bjergsen's resignation statement did not cause any animosity. The formed pro player chimed in as well, giving his support by saying that he agrees he could have handled the situation differently, but that he knew the 100 Thieves squad held no resentment over the situation.

TSM, CLG and now 100Thieves are all facing hard times, what does this mean for the future of the LCS?

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April 13, 2023