T1 Faker is the MVP, Keria shocks the LCK! Day 9 of the 2023 Spring Split has changed the game!

T1 Keria just took the game to a whole new level and schooled the 2022 World Champion Deft.

Day 9 of the League of Legends LCK 2023 Spring Split started off super strong with a clash between two former world champion teams. T1 and DPlus KIA clashed in the opening match of the day, and it was a match for the ages!

Let’s take a look at this amazing three-game series and the moment that shocked the fans!

Given that both teams are among the top in the LCK, it was an event every fan was looking forward to, and oh boy, it did not disappoint!

On the midlane, the titans Faker and Showmaker showed why they are legends amongst their peers, although the match was heavily star-studded with Canyon, Oner, Zeus, Gumayusi, and the Cinderella story World Champion Deft taking the stage.

Both T1 and DPlus KIA are virtually perfect at League of Legends competitive play, and they put on a show that no one will forget any time soon, with amazing and unpredictable team fights leading to shocking results.

The League of Legends LCK 2023 Spring Split got off to a fairly exciting start for T1. They have pretty much been steamrolling their competitors so far, with some players in the fanbase generating tons of memes and laughing at the competition.

However, T1 were not expecting to find a very heavy obstacle on their path, and it almost cost them the victory. This obstacle’s name is Deft!

Deft managed to turn around the first match of the series in a shocking Baron steal as Zeri!

It appears that T1 has largely maintained the form that they developed during the League of Legends LCK 2022 season, and although the team is much more experienced this year and a lot more motivated to retrieve the glory they missed out on last season, DPlus put a stop to their streak.

DPlus KIA appears to be a brand-new, revitalized team. With Canna performing like a true god in the top lane and Deft bringing in the World Champion energy to the team, Showmaker and Canyon can finally focus on their own roles and trust that their team will show up when it’s time to fight.

The first match started off with a clear advantage for T1, although every single objective, from Drakes and Turrets up to the scuttle crab, was contested up until the last moment. But after an amazing Baron steal by Deft’s Zeri, DPlus could shout out "The comeback is real!" as they absolutely destroyed T1 in a very one-sided team fight that decided the match.

The second game was much more one-sided, with a very cold-headed T1 keeping the match at a slow and controlled pace until the final moment, the decisive Baron's Pit battle that ended it all.

Game 3 started off with a mold-breaking Kalista Support in Keria’s hands. This player has repeatedly demonstrated that unconventional Support choices get the job done, and he isn't afraid to make daring choices even at this level of professional gaming.

Faker finally got to play Kassadin again, and Guma got to shine, taking DPlus to the League of Draven! After an incredible Drake steal with his Rend and throwing the ad carry Gumayusi into the heart of the team fight for a very successful, if unconventional, battle, T1 Keria proved why he’s consistently the best Support in the scene and carried his team to victory, maintaining T1’s status as the only undefeated team in the LCK 2023 Spring Split.

T1 Faker got the edge over Showmaker and got MVP as Kassadin.

T1 vs. DPlus has always been a clash of titans, a classic match, and this week’s show did not leave any doubts, these two teams are still the best, and they will keep winning. They will continue to show the world what League of Legends is all about, and they will consistently give us an amazing performance.

The VOD of the series will be available on LoLEsports soon, so if you missed the game, we recommend checking it out!

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January 28, 2023