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With dozens of ELO boosting sites out there it’s easy to get confused on which one to choose. Find out 7 reasons why thousands of people already use GGBOOST for LOL Boost, TFT Boost, and other related services. 

1. Master / GrandMaster / Challenger Boosters Only

With an experienced team of over 300 Master, GrandMaster and Challenger Boosters Worldwide, GGBOOST is the only site offering top tier performers in all services, from Iron to GrandMaster, that can offer a complete boosting experience, mainly focused on speed and security.  We receive hundreds of booster applications every week, and only accept on average 5% of applicants or less. Because we have the most applicants, we can be very selective on who gets to become a booster on our website.


2. Free Order Customization

If you want to guarantee that the booster plays your favourite role or champion or even a specific key configuration on your summoner spells, GGBOOST does not charge an extra fee. After purchasing, fill the details regarding preferences, that can be edited during the service, at any time.  Our system allows you to easily modify your order preferences in real time, and your booster has been trained on how to provide you with the exact service you request.

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3. Boosters Ready to Go 

GGBOOST is regarded to be the fastest service currently in the market for services in all ranks. Due to a dedicated team of boosters that work 24/7, it’s possible to deliver instantly at anytime, anywhere in the planet.  We support NA, EUW, OCE, and EUNE servers. Our boosters have access to a proprietary system where they can easily see new orders. The system will help assign the best available booster for the job. Plenty is going on behind the scenes, thanks to the incredibly talented development team at  These guys should be working for Google!


4. Best Prices

Having the best price is key for GGBOOST. Creating that trust bond with new and returning members of the community is mandatory, so expect a top-quality service with amazing prices.  Our management team routinely checks and compares prices with competitors to ensure that our prices are the best in the business. Thanks to our industry-leading technology, we are also able to provide high quality service with more efficiency than any other website.  For that reason, we provide not just the best prices, but also the best VALUE.


5. Live Customer Support 24/7

GGBOOST recognizes that having questions, doubts, seeking any extra information or just being curious about some detail is great. With a professional and dedicated team available 24/7, the staff is able to solve anything in a blink of an eye.  All of our staff has been working on facilitating the boosting order process for the past 3 years. They have experience dealing with every type of situation, so you can be sure that they will be capable of providing timely and efficient customer service.


6. Free VPN and Offline Mode

With an app developed exclusively for GGBOOST boosters, all solo services include a free VPN and an Offline Mode that does not show you active in the friends list while the booster is in the account.  This helps keep the activity on your account consistent, and means that your boosting orders are discrete. We know that you value your privacy, so we make sure that it is maintained throughout the entire process.


7. Interactive Customer Dashboard

With this exclusive feature GGBOOST allows you to do more than just talking with a booster, track progress or making reviews. You can, autonomously at any time check if your favorite booster is online or not, swap boosters, tipping them or even sending tickets to the support team. All these options give you a more complete and enjoyable service.

It really does come back to the incredibly talented developer team at  They have designed a truly revolutionary system from top to bottom, which makes the entire boosting process incredibly efficient and easy.  None of our competitors have the technical ability to compete. They might be nice people, but they’ll never be able to rival our engineers’ ingenuity.  It’s like using Uber vs. a Taxi Service!

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October 21, 2019